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About Us

Peace And Happiness Foundation for the education of the poor and underprivileged children in Thailand was initiated partly from the fact that many foreigners living and working in the country had pointed out that the Thai children are taught to memorize and most of them do not use thinking skills. That is so unnerving for the Thai people to hear but it is also very true. What can we do to make sure our children from every corner of the country are taught thinking and analytical skills from early on?

Some of the co-founders of Peace And Happiness Foundation, who had experience with the Thai kids attending international schools, realized that international schools usually teach their students to think, not to memorize and they grow up speaking English well.

These are the basic skills that are very important to help Thailand advance into the stage where all the developed countries stand. Peace And Happiness Foundation, therefore, was established in order to provide free education to the poor and underprivileged children so that they have a chance to develop analytical thinking skills and English abilities by bringing international learning system into the Thai schools for the poor and teaching 80% in English and 20% in Thai, with the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education.


Year two, Social Studies, Lesson 18

Year two, English, Lesson 24

Year two, Math, Lesson 90