Analytical Thinking Skill

Analytical Thinking Skill – Part 2

How to practice analytical thinking?

Like everything else, analytical thinking can be practiced. It is like sports. If you want good results, you need to dedicate some time and make an effort. One can raise the analytical abilities by using these simple steps:

  1. Observation.

Try not to judge anything. Simple observe and don’t immediately make a conclusion.

  1. Read an article.

Pay attention to every word. See if the article has some slang or any of the loanwords from other languages. Does the article combine the usage of formal and informal terminology? Remember the words that were new to you or that are used in a different context from what you are used to. Try to find those words on internet, in a dictionary, search for the synonyms etc.

  1. Play brain games.

Games like bridge, chess or backgammon include strategic moves that will enhance your analytical thinking skills.

  1. Listen to people.

In a conversation with other people, try to listen to them and learn something from them. Do not underestimate anyone. It is important also for keeping the brain engaged and you also improve your communication skills.

By improving the analytical thinking skills, you will be able to understand more and be more successful in solution finding processes.

Here is a link where you can find a useful hint on how to increase your analytical thinking: 

And now the real exercise:

How was it?