The first few days went pretty well. It is always challenging controlling children’s behavior, especially on the first days, but having their Thai teachers inside the classroom at all times make the whole process a lot easier.

The kids are so smart! I’m in love with them, and I am fully enjoying the methodology and the way lessons are presented. I have been able to follow all instructions and I believe the topics are indeed well-structured. Since we have free style lessons on a daily basis, I am able to explore the concepts in depth by creating fun games and activities that review what we have learned on the VDOs that day. I am so proud of the students, they learn everything really fast.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Peace And Happiness Foundation in partnership with AIESEC of Thammasat University. AIESEC is a worldwide organization that is run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Part of their program is to support NGOs that shares or has a common vision with their organization.

With the help of Khun Proud, the team leader of AIESEC TU, they reached out to us in November 2016 to get volunteers to work in our project for this school year. On that point several meetings were held to arrange the some criteria and share information of the project of the foundation.

They have successfully been supporting Peace and Happiness Foundation with volunteers for the first semester of the school year. There were eight (8) volunteers from different countries that dedicated their time to facilitate the classes for first graders using our teaching videos in many schools in Chang Rai. Their team will still continue to support us for the second semester of this school year.

We are so glad for their help and assistance. Their help means that we are not alone in this mission. Making a difference can be achieved if we work together.