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Ban Pasang School – Here we come

Our American teacher, Miss Shelby Martin, has been more than ready to start teaching her first graders at Ban Pasang School, Chiang Rai. She is so willing to be recorded while teaching various subjects; math, science, social studies, health education and English. This is because she knows how important her work is for all underprivileged kids all over the world.

Teacher Shelby Teaching English to poor kids in Thailand

We invested in 2 VDO cameras, 2 tripods, 1 switcher, 2 IMACs, 1 laptop for the teacher, 1 TV screen, etc. for our VDO production team. We even installed 2 ACs for the classroom. We will record all the lessons to make quality teaching VDOs for use at other schools that join our program later. Also we will upload our VDOs on youtube.

Teacher Shelby 2

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