You can volunteer also when you are retired. Here are some of the good reasons why:

  1. Older volunteers have longer life span

If you volunteer at an older age, you tend to be more physically active and the charity work may be part of a healthier lifestyle.

There is also a sense of purpose that serves as a great motivator to get out of the house and keep moving.

  1. Brain exercise

Volunteers need to be skilled in problem solving. Older volunteers may improve their cognitive health while having to accomplish tasks.

  1. Volunteers feel less lonely

When you engage in a volunteer activity at an older age, you tend to cope with life situations better.

According to reports, volunteers experience shorter periods of depression after the death of a loved one.

People who are isolated, living in remote areas, benefit even more, because they engage in social activities and interact with people.

Many studies proved that being with young people makes you feel better.

How can you help even if you are retired and living in another country for our foundation?

If you are retired teacher or native speaker who want to help our idea of spreading free English education, then all you need to do is to contact us!  You can help us in creating lesson plans for primary schools in different subjects – Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Health.

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What are the things you should bear in mind when you decide to volunteer:

Being open

A volunteer should be ready to encounter a different worldview from the one he or she has.

Many of the ideas you have about sexuality, ideology, politics might be seen completely different in some other part of the world.

You can meet people that are not going to share your views.

Be prepared for openness for diversities and differences.

Being respectful

Since many of volunteers seek for opportunities abroad, it is wise to be respectful for cultural, religious, ethnic and even sexual diversity.

It implies sometimes wearing something you shouldn’t normally do or adjusting your habits.

Being flexible

There are many other things that will show up while volunteering that you cannot anticipate. It is always good to be flexible and accept the challenges.

If there is something you cannot accept, at least adapt to it to an extend it doesn’t bother you.

There could be many mosquitos that drive you crazy, for example. You cannot accept them, but you can always do the means to make them bother you less.

With us you will gain so much – you will be able to:

raise your interpersonal and professional skills,

learn about local life all over Thailand,

help children speak English and in this way enable them to seek a better future,

make friends with Thais and expats,

expand your views and

get to know yourself better.


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Whether it is a self-serving drive, relational drive, or even belief drive on the highest level, there are so many reasons people do the volunteering.

People join a certain organization because it meets their needs. It may be business, friendship or networking.

Many people are also looking for a mentor or want to work free of charge just because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get closer to the certain person they admire!

In doing so, they can either end up really working for that person or staying closely in touch with him. After all, having a good recommendation from someone influential or important to us, is always a good thing.

Others volunteer out of passion for a cause. The ones who believe in the cause have the highest level of motivation and are more ready to compromise their own comfort for something greater.

Join our team today! Become our volunteer!

There are many volunteer organizations on internet and many of them charge the fees. We don’t.

All we need is your willingness to help us in bringing the best we can for free education for children in Thailand.

We are looking for lesson planner makers, creative writers, teachers/helpers and illustrators! We are open for suggestions and would like to hear from you.

What you will get is an amazing opportunity to live like a local in one of the most beautiful countries in the world! You will be part of the big change in education and you will be loved and admired by children.

Contact us.

People who volunteer are more likely to continue volunteer again in life. Volunteering doesn’t address only young people but also older people. Most of them have already volunteered earlier.

It showed great impact on health, because when you help for greater good, you feel you are contributing to something, so your time and energy spent in volunteering has a meaning.

While working as a volunteer, you have a chance of meeting many new people. Exactly thanks to that experience, you can end up doing the job you really like.

Social networking matters and it is definitely something you will gain doing your work for free.

It also happens that during the volunteering you realize it is not the suitable job for you and it will bring you more to look after what you want more to do. In other words, there are many possibilities open for you.

Volunteer work is good for society. In doing something good for the wellbeing of others, you feel so much rewarding. It gives you a sense of purpose and it helps you realize that you are doing something concrete to make this world a bit better.

You can join our foundation and be a part of a sustainable change in education. We start from Thailand. Our goal is to spread also to other countries in need of free English education. If you are from one of those who are in need of it, then you can after this experience contribute even more in your own country.

You can help with investing your time in doing something very useful for children who otherwise cannot study English because their parents lack finance. In this way, you give them an equal chance to search for the better future that their wealthier peers have.

You can help us in so many ways – in creating lesson plans for classes, writing blogs and articles, teaching and helping children understand the material, writing comic books that will make children love reading, illustrate the books.

You will leave a big impact on children’s lives for the rest of it.

Join us and help us in our project!

There are many agencies and websites that offer volunteering all around the globe. We don’t charge any fees and with us you don’t have to pay anything to be able to volunteer. All we need is your will to work for the benefits of children’s education in Thailand.

Cost of living in Thailand is cheap and Thai people are very welcoming. You can find cheap accommodation, shared or private rooms, as you like it. You know already that Thai food is some of the world’s best.

We are currently looking for a volunteers for:

Lesson plan making
This position includes second grade primary school and onward for English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Health.

Teaching volunteer
You would be a link with our students. Your tasks would include helping students understand things better, giving additional explanations, evaluation, doing activities and worksheets with children. If you want, you can always do some community work and after school activities with children.

Creative Writer/Blogger
We are looking for a writer who would create comic books. Many researches have proven that comic books influence creativity and comprehensive abilities of youngsters and we would like to raise children’s love to reading through them. We have also activities for blogging and article writing.

Social Media
If you are or want to become a social media star, have in mind that we have a fantastic opportunity for you to boost your skills. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, our webpage, loads of interesting posts, editing and networking for you.

If you have good drawing skills and want to volunteer for us, please get in touch. We are looking for a person who would illustrate our comic books.

We are open for suggestions. If you have some skill that is not mentioned here and you would like to volunteer for us, please let us know.

Basic requirements:

– Must be a Native English speaker (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) – for volunteer teaching and lesson plan making
– Degree holder (Bachelor/Master)
– Relevant experience in teaching and making lesson plans for primary levels
– TEFL/TESOL Certificate or similar qualification

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Peace And Happiness Foundation started making Math lesson VDOs. In this VDO, Teacher Shelby is teaching grade one students at Ban Pasang School in Chiang Rai.

Please share and subscribe to our YouTube VDOs. They are great for kids who have access to the internet and want to learn Math in English at home.

For the schools that want to use our VDOs to teach their students, please contact us.

Those who like our work, please donate or volunteer now. We need your help.

Our American teacher, Shelby, is a born teacher. She is doing great in teaching science and many other subjects to her Thai students who, without this project from Peace And Happiness Foundation, will never get to learn every subject in English.

You can be part of this great cause. Please donate or volunteer now.

Our American teacher, Miss Shelby Martin, has been more than ready to start teaching her first graders at Ban Pasang School, Chiang Rai. She is so willing to be recorded while teaching various subjects; math, science, social studies, health education and English. This is because she knows how important her work is for all underprivileged kids all over the world.

Teacher Shelby Teaching English to poor kids in Thailand

We invested in 2 VDO cameras, 2 tripods, 1 switcher, 2 IMACs, 1 laptop for the teacher, 1 TV screen, etc. for our VDO production team. We even installed 2 ACs for the classroom. We will record all the lessons to make quality teaching VDOs for use at other schools that join our program later. Also we will upload our VDOs on youtube.

Teacher Shelby 2

Please donate today. We need your help.