We believe in transparency and accountability. Our board of directors do not take salaries or any forms of compensation. They all work with their altruistic hearts. Your donation will be put to good use for the operating expenses of the Foundation. You can specify for your donation to be used for buying computers to be put into poor schools in our project so that the children have the best learning tools, to buy lunch the students or to buy learning supplies (textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, etc.)

Your donation to an education foundation like us will make a big impact on the children’s lives. Help us make a difference by donating via bank transfer or Paypal Paypal


After you have transferred the amount of your donation, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page so that we can issue and send a receipt to you.

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Information for donation:

Bank: Bangkok Bank PLC.

Branch: Central Rama 9

Account name: Peace And Happiness Foundation

Checking Account No.: 877-3-50270-6


Foundation Tax ID number: 0-9930-00347-48-0

Foundation registration number: Kor Tor 2586

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