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Help a school in Chiang Rai

Peace And Happiness Foundation will soon start English program education for the poor children at Baan Pasang School, Pasang Sub-district, Wiang Chiangrung District, Chiang Rai. We will start teaching the school’s first graders in May, using Peace And Happiness Foundation system, which will help develop analytical thinking skills in the children and develop their inner peace and happiness with mind-monitoring method of meditation.

We need computers for the students of Baan Pasang School. Please donate today.

Help with poor children education
Baan Pasang School in Chiangrai
Donate or help with education in Chiangrai Thailand
Helping poor children education Baan Pasang School, Chiangrai,Thailand

You can be part of this sustainable change by helping Peace And Happiness Foundation in these areas:
Donate for the Foundation’s operation or buying computers, children’s lunch and learning supplies;
• If you are a fluent English speaker with a degree or in college and want to spend a few months in Thailand teaching and monitoring young kids at one of our schools and learning centers throughout Thailand, please volunteer.
• If you have a home in Thailand and would like to help, you can provide food and accommodation for foreign volunteers.
• If you have time, skills or connections in any areas, please contact us. We need you.
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