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Rethinking Education – Reinventing Education – Part 2

Some of us learn experientially, the others have developed more their intellectual skills whereas many are visual learners.

Rethinking education starts with embracing our individuality. We are limiting ourselves to one format instead of having a broader curriculum that allows different methods of learning.

Think of the opportunities if we could make the education be to children like a video game?

It would involve the decision making skills. Why can kids solve the most complex problems in a video game that involve analytical thinking and decision making but they can’t read or do basic algebra?

What needs to be done is to reinvent the education. We need to allow children to learn how to be more creative, how to reason and solve problems using collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches.

Instead of encouraging them to compete, we encourage them to collaborate and communicate.

Team work is essential for any successful idea because many people see the same thing differently. When combined, the outcome is more quality than the one of an individual, what competition stands for.

Adjustable learning

The way we should think about the new education is “student centric” rather than “teacher centric”. When educational techniques match children’s diverse learning styles, education becomes natural and motivating.

When we offer the variety of learning methods and skills to students, they can navigate better through artistic intelligence, visual aspects, logical thinking etc.

It’s no longer sufficient to just know the facts but children need to develop skills to be able to use these facts to solve real life problems.

What we need from our education system is for the children to master the art of “learning to learn”, creativity, analytical thinking and problem solving.