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Skills they don’t teach us at school

What is necessary for us to study at school and what is not, is an important question.

Some believe that we don’t need to know so much, others think we are being educated to become employers, and many agree school should just teach how to develop our intelligence.

However it is, there are many things we are not taught and it is so obvious if you see our society today.

  1. Conversation

Nobody really taught us in the classroom how to communicate . We might know when we should say “thank you”, “sorry” and “here you are” but it is sad that the schools are so much intellect-oriented.

We gather knowledge, we overload our memory, but we don’t know what to do if our parents are getting divorced, when a friend betrays us or when we need to communicate things we know might hurt others to those others.

The younger generation uses emoticons to express their “feelings” on a mobile screen. But can they express their emotions in real life situations?

Have you heard that in some school they actually talk and learn about dealing with emotions, especially the painful ones?

In the long run, the outcomes of technology-based generations can be even greater social isolation, than the one we experience today.

Another common thing our schooling system brings is to think individually not collectively.

Knowing how to connect with others, when to speak and when not to, is something that school should teach us before life teach us.

  1. Thinking

Certain ways of thinking are implied in our education. We are not taught to think through solutions but we are encouraged to memorize.

Our schools tend to be more goal oriented not process oriented so we end up caught in life with so many things that don’t go according to plan and we don’t know what to do.

Filling this gap from where we are to where we should be is a great opportunity for our school to teach us the possible positive ways.

Also if we don’t get there where we should is another good lesson that could be included in lesson plans.

We are unable to see the broader picture because we lack the skills to do so.

  1. How to Handle Money

We are not taught how to manage money, especially in a way we can be self employed.

We are not focused on personal saving, investment of personal finances.

It is not about how to get the money but how to make the best out of it.

4. Dating and Romantic Relationships

Some might disagree that the school should be the place to be taught about relationships but all that matter in life are relationships and we cannot live without them.

In this sense, it would be good to be encouraged to talk freely and openly about it in a school setting.

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