People who volunteer are more likely to continue volunteer again in life. Volunteering doesn’t address only young people but also older people. Most of them have already volunteered earlier.

It showed great impact on health, because when you help for greater good, you feel you are contributing to something, so your time and energy spent in volunteering has a meaning.

While working as a volunteer, you have a chance of meeting many new people. Exactly thanks to that experience, you can end up doing the job you really like.

Social networking matters and it is definitely something you will gain doing your work for free.

It also happens that during the volunteering you realize it is not the suitable job for you and it will bring you more to look after what you want more to do. In other words, there are many possibilities open for you.

Volunteer work is good for society. In doing something good for the wellbeing of others, you feel so much rewarding. It gives you a sense of purpose and it helps you realize that you are doing something concrete to make this world a bit better.

You can join our foundation and be a part of a sustainable change in education. We start from Thailand. Our goal is to spread also to other countries in need of free English education. If you are from one of those who are in need of it, then you can after this experience contribute even more in your own country.

You can help with investing your time in doing something very useful for children who otherwise cannot study English because their parents lack finance. In this way, you give them an equal chance to search for the better future that their wealthier peers have.

You can help us in so many ways – in creating lesson plans for classes, writing blogs and articles, teaching and helping children understand the material, writing comic books that will make children love reading, illustrate the books.

You will leave a big impact on children’s lives for the rest of it.

Join us and help us in our project!


To summarize using both analytical and critical skills:

The difference between the two skills is that the critical thinking involves considering an issue, evaluating it and making a conclusion about it.

Therefore, critical thinking includes weighting up the arguments that are for and against certain point of view or information.

Analytical thinking means examining the information, collecting the facts and checking whether the statement follows logically in identifying causes and effects.

Reasoning is one of the key elements of analytical thinking. On an interview for a job, people are often asked to evaluate their analytical abilities.

Question like: Describe some of your last big problems and tell us the way you solved it. Or: How do you make decisions?

By critical thinking, we mean the ability of an individual to seek information, analyze alternatives and making conclusions or forming opinions. It includes the analytical thinking and uses it to generate a standpoint for someone’s world view.

Practice your English and at the same time analytical and critical thinking:

Fun activities to boost your analytical and critical thinking. You can do them with your friends, in a classroom or at home:



Today we uploaded Health Education video for first grade students. It is about body parts. All the children in the world can learn the body parts in English for free. We believe this is a great opportunity to reach everyone who wants to learn English. It is just a click away.