In today´s lesson, we are going to talk about the animals that live around our house or flat, that we might meet every day or sometimes. Let´s check what are those animals.


We experience the world through our senses. What are our senses? What can we do through them? Watch a video, get inspired and share it please!


Let´s see what animals do you know? Check your spelling and pronunciation. Don´t forget also our other videos and please give us a big like on FB and share us with your friends!

What comes to your mind when you think of animals around us? Do you have a pat or animals in your garden? Get ready to write down the new names for the animals. We are sure you will have lots of fun with our teacher Shelby and her students.

We have already discovered the layers of the soil beneath our feet and what we can make out of it. Today we will go even further. Are you ready to become once again a curious mind and to see what there is under your feet?

This time we are going to identify what is alive and what is not alive to be able to see what is living thing and what is nonliving thing. Follow our teacher Shelby for further explanations, get entertained and study new vocabulary! All free!

Watch the video to see how we use clay, soil or send to make other things. An interesting 14th lesson will enable you to discover the funny side of science while you practice your English. Don’t forget to share us!

You’re a great mathematician, fantastic English speaker, Health expert, Social Studies professional and now you will become an amazing scientist! Get inspired with our teacher Shelby and her eight students, watch the lesson about soil and get surprised with so many layers of it!


Are you looking for adventure while learning English? Today the whole class of first graders turns into little scientists who want to explore life under our feet. Learn the layers of soil and find out what animals live there. All in English, all free.


We start learning Science in English with this first lesson of our Foundation. Get pen and paper, it’s time for a few new words. You can pause and repeat after teacher Shelby, you can always go back to certain part of the video if you want to repeat something. Enjoy the possibility of getting free English lessons without having to leave your room!