Social studies! Let’s learn about the names of your favorite food! You can practice them next time you see them in your plate. Share the video and watch other lessons of Peace and Happiness Foundation,

What does being a good student mean? Does it mean being on time for classes, being properly dressed, not eating in the classroom? Are you a good student? Do you know someone who is? Watch a video, find out something new and entertain yourself for the next 40 minutes!

Chair, desk, window, door… What else is there in a classroom? Maybe you already know all of them, maybe you don’t, both is good: either you will check your knowledge or learn new things. Studying English can be such fun. Just one click away. Enjoy the video.

It is an important lesson we are having today. It is about being kind and being unkind. With excellent explanations of our teacher Shelby, we will be able to know how to understand the meaning of, and tell the difference between, “kind” and “unkind” actions. Have fun watching the second lesson in Social Studies!

In this first lesson in Social Studies, we talk about our family. We will first study the names of the family members in English. Follow our posts daily and very soon you will be able to have a communication in English! Let us enjoy each step.