Another English lesson! Watch the group activities, learn new words, revise what you did so far. We are proud of you!


We will study the world of colors! Find out the names in English for your favorite colors! Watch, like, share!


This is English class, lesson 3, when we talk about our names and the ways we can introduce ourselves. Enjoy the video and share it please!

When we talk, we often have to show the directions. In today’s 24th English class, we will learn how to use the words for pointing or showing something. It is easy and fun. So enjoy it!


We will learn first the letters and how to say them correctly. But soon it will be piece of cake and we will be able to spell the words. One step at the time. Enjoy with our teacher Shelby and her students!

Accessories, what is it? Do you know the names for the things we put around our neck or on the ears to make ourselves look more beautiful? Lets find some new words out and repeat what we already know.


You have 10 of them, 5 on each hands – what is it? You have also 10 of them, 5 on each foot – what is it? Learn more in detail the body parts. Thanks to our teacher Shelby, Health is such fun! Check it out yourself.

One of the girl’s favorite themes: clothes! Welcome to the second part. Learn the names of what you usually wear. Next time you get dressed, you can check and see if you remember the name in English of what you are wearing.

Now it’s time to go more into a detail – with our body parts! After only 14 lessons in Health, you will learn so many words for the body parts. Share us, like us and, if you know someone to volunteer for us, connect us!

What do you usually wear? And what do you like to wear? Do you know the names of the clothes you are using in English? Check your knowledge in 21st English lesson. Share us!