You are so good that now it is time to move on to the numbers from 11 – 20! Let our teacher Shelby explain to you, take a pen and paper, write down and enjoy.


Another English lesson! Watch the group activities, learn new words, revise what you did so far. We are proud of you!


We will study the world of colors! Find out the names in English for your favorite colors! Watch, like, share!


This is English class, lesson 3, when we talk about our names and the ways we can introduce ourselves. Enjoy the video and share it please!

When we talk, we often have to show the directions. In today’s 24th English class, we will learn how to use the words for pointing or showing something. It is easy and fun. So enjoy it!

We learned so far so many things in Math. Now it is time for a small revision of subtraction and addition. Take a pen and paper and let’s get started!


We´ve learned so much so far. Now it´s time for a little check for all of that. It is easy and fun. Check our 41st Math lesson. There are many others here, on Youtube, Twitter and Google +. All yours, all free.


We will learn first the letters and how to say them correctly. But soon it will be piece of cake and we will be able to spell the words. One step at the time. Enjoy with our teacher Shelby and her students!

Accessories, what is it? Do you know the names for the things we put around our neck or on the ears to make ourselves look more beautiful? Lets find some new words out and repeat what we already know.

Another Math class! You are a champion – 40th in the raw! Amazing job! You can be happy with yourself! Recommend us to your friends!