You have 10 of them, 5 on each hands – what is it? You have also 10 of them, 5 on each foot – what is it? Learn more in detail the body parts. Thanks to our teacher Shelby, Health is such fun! Check it out yourself.

Subtraction, subtraction, subtraction… Almost finished! Congrats that you came so far! 39th Math class and you are now a master of both English and Math. Amazing!

One of the girl’s favorite themes: clothes! Welcome to the second part. Learn the names of what you usually wear. Next time you get dressed, you can check and see if you remember the name in English of what you are wearing.

In today’s lesson, we will broaden our vocabulary, introducing “minus/take away”, “how many are left” etc.. Grab your notebook to write it down and already by the end of the lesson, you will know it! Math is fun and easy with us.

Now it’s time to go more into a detail – with our body parts! After only 14 lessons in Health, you will learn so many words for the body parts. Share us, like us and, if you know someone to volunteer for us, connect us!

You are on 37th Math lesson! By now you have already mastered subtraction. As a small revision, today we will continue with subtracting zero. Watch the video, take notes, practice Math, vocabulary, pronunciaion and spelling.

By now you have mastered subtraction! There is just a small detail left – subtraction 0 and 1. After this, you will be able to teach Math. Try to explain some of the subtraction tasks to your friend, colleague, family member in English. Have fun studying!

What do you usually wear? And what do you like to wear? Do you know the names of the clothes you are using in English? Check your knowledge in 21st English lesson. Share us!

Even if you don’t really like Math, teacher Shelby will make it so irresistible that you will end up liking it! We continue still with subtraction. You are almost there! Please notice how much you can understand and follow better the lesson that is fully in English by the native speaker. Enjoy!

Hygiene is important for our health. We need to take care of our teeth and in this Health lesson, you will learn how to say in English all that has to do with your teeth! Next time you brush your teeth, you can remember the words in English and repeat them. Check out our other lessons in Math, English, Social Studies and Science.