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Cold-hot, old-young, day-night… What else comes to your mind when we say “opposites”? One more English class. Learn new words or confirm what you already know. Check your spelling, practice your pronunciation and enjoy the lovely company of our native English speaking teacher and her eight students.

Let our teacher Shelby demonstrate all her creativity, enthusiasm, energy and love in explaining you what can be classified as living things in this Science lesson. We are sure you will learn what it is, have fun and practice your English! So many good things in just 40 minutes! It’s worth your time!

You are doing so good! Now it’s time for a small revision. But you know already everything, right? The names of the upper part of the body and the lower one. Is it hard for you to remember them? See if you are better at spelling, pronouncing or writing. You don’t get any notes here. You get English education, for free.

Not only that we know now the names of numbers, to write them down and spell them, we also know to put them in the right order and to compare them! Such a great progress! In this lesson, we want to review all we have learned so far and we will see that we already know a lot!

If you wonder what magic words actually are, teacher Shelby has an answer for you. But let me give you a hint. Those are the words that we use when we want to apologize for something that we have done and was not so nice or for example when we want to express our gratitude for someone who did something good for us. See the other examples for the magic words.

Ok, so it is not enough to know how to say the numbers but we should also know how to spell them. Is there a better way to do it than with our adorable teacher Shelby? Watch how she does it with students in Chiang Rai and together with them learn how to write numbers in English where ever you are!

Here is another post for you. Lets us learn how to count in English.
The free English education is open for everyone, not only children.
If there are grown ups that want to improve their English, all you
need to do is to click on the link and follow our teacher.
You can pause anytime, repeat, say words aloud and continue.


Now that we know how the names of the numbers in English, it is time for us to learn how to count. Do you know English words for +, – or =?

Students from all over the world can learn Math in English with us for free.Today we would like to introduce the numbers. Let us learn how to say each number in English. We need it to be able to communicate in shops, to say what time it is or to count how many days is left until a big event in our life!