You can volunteer also when you are retired. Here are some of the good reasons why:

  1. Older volunteers have longer life span

If you volunteer at an older age, you tend to be more physically active and the charity work may be part of a healthier lifestyle.

There is also a sense of purpose that serves as a great motivator to get out of the house and keep moving.

  1. Brain exercise

Volunteers need to be skilled in problem solving. Older volunteers may improve their cognitive health while having to accomplish tasks.

  1. Volunteers feel less lonely

When you engage in a volunteer activity at an older age, you tend to cope with life situations better.

According to reports, volunteers experience shorter periods of depression after the death of a loved one.

People who are isolated, living in remote areas, benefit even more, because they engage in social activities and interact with people.

Many studies proved that being with young people makes you feel better.

How can you help even if you are retired and living in another country for our foundation?

If you are retired teacher or native speaker who want to help our idea of spreading free English education, then all you need to do is to contact us!  You can help us in creating lesson plans for primary schools in different subjects – Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Health.

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