You have 10 of them, 5 on each hands – what is it? You have also 10 of them, 5 on each foot – what is it? Learn more in detail the body parts. Thanks to our teacher Shelby, Health is such fun! Check it out yourself.

Now it’s time to go more into a detail – with our body parts! After only 14 lessons in Health, you will learn so many words for the body parts. Share us, like us and, if you know someone to volunteer for us, connect us!

Hygiene is important for our health. We need to take care of our teeth and in this Health lesson, you will learn how to say in English all that has to do with your teeth! Next time you brush your teeth, you can remember the words in English and repeat them. Check out our other lessons in Math, English, Social Studies and Science.

We care for our bodies, health, hygiene. Part of it is brushing teeth. It is very important and you don’t want to know what a toothache is! Watch and listen, see how you say it all in English in this 12th Health lesson. Like us, share us, recommend us!

Teeth are very important. That is why we take care of them from the early age. See the things you normally use for brushing teeth in English version, try to remember them and repeat them next time you brush your teeth! Smile and share the video please!

We take care of our bodies. There will be some new vocabulary for you, listen carefully and write them down. If you know more words, please share with us here, on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Was this lesson interesting? What would you give us from 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest, 5 the highest grade)?

Today we are going into your bathroom, to see what you have in there. Do you know all the names of the things you use to make your body clean? Maybe you already know them, but there could be still some new words for you. Let our teacher, as a native speaker, help you with proper pronunciation.

In this lesson we will learn how to use our body: expressions for senses. Do you know already what is the English word for experiencing food? Or the ability to listen? What is the word used in English to say what we do with our eyes? Grab a pen and a paper and get ready for Health class!

Brushing teeth, cutting hair, taking bath… what else do we do when we want to keep our body clean? Watch to find out more and to see how our cute students from Chiang Rai answer the questions, do activities and learn English successfully, day by day, just like you can, with us!

Let our teacher Shelby demonstrate all her creativity, enthusiasm, energy and love in explaining you what can be classified as living things in this Science lesson. We are sure you will learn what it is, have fun and practice your English! So many good things in just 40 minutes! It’s worth your time!