What We Do


Peace And Happiness Foundation is a non-profit organization set up to provide free international standard bi-lingual education for the poor and under-privileged children of Thailand in order to help them grow up happy and become quality world citizens.

At Peace And Happiness Foundation, we strive to:

  1. Provide educational opportunity for the poor and under-privileged children of Thailand to gain international knowledge and experience;
  2. Build a better future for the poor and under-privileged children of Thailand where they will be able to lead their lives in peace and work in happiness;
  3. Instill in the poor and under-privileged children of Thailand the values of unlimited betterment of themselves in all facets of life.

Quality education, equal opportunity, through different teaching model, to our children

Peace And Happiness Foundation provides education via online learning platform and VDO. The courses are taught by experienced international teachers who share their knowledge and experience with the students through their teaching. Most subjects are taught in English and the subjects that are mandatory to be in Thai are taught in Thai. We will teach the children the analytical skill from early on. We do not believe in teaching young brains to memorize all that are taught to them. We encourage inquisitive minds and mindfulness. Ideally, we want all the classrooms to be equipped with computers (1 student per computer). At least, we try to provide many computers to the schools so the students have the tools to research the topics interested.

Teaching model

Via Online Learning Platform and VDO


Experienced international teachers

Teaching languages

Learning Framework

Curriculum and curriculum objectives

The bi-lingual education provided by Peace And Happiness Foundation uses the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. We emphasize on teaching the students to achieve these objectives:

  • To develop critical thinking, reasoning and analytical skills;
  • To develop Emotional Intelligence through meditation using mind-monitoring method that will help them live and work happily and successfully with others;
  • To instill moral values and respect for equality and diversity of mankind; and
  • To promote cultural interest and environmental awareness so as to foster their passion for our world’s sustainability.

Please read our vision and mission.