We need a lot of volunteers to teach English and help with the children’s education in the rural areas of Thailand. Our program is free. The volunteers are needed to monitor the classrooms of grades 1 to 6. We need fluent English speakers who can commit at least 2 months to a home-stay in Thailand, with food and accommodation provided by our host families near the schools.

Read what our past volunteers say about the wonderful experience in Thailand.

Volunteer’s qualification:
1. Speak English very well;
2. Have a degree or be a college student;
3. Have basic knowledge of computers;
4. Be of good character and suitable to be around children.

Volunteer’s work:
Our program requires you to monitor a classroom of 10 – 15 underprivileged children for 4 hours a day. The kids will be learning from our teaching media ,and you will help them do the activities based on the lesson plans we will provide. Encourage them to speak English with you. Outside of the 4 hour requirement, if you feel like helping to teach English to the kids in the other levels of the same school, which is outside of our program, we are sure that the kids and the school’s teachers will highly appreciate it.

List of documents required from our volunteers:
As part of our measures to make sure the volunteers are suitable to be close to young children, we kindly request that you provide the following documents to us before you start working with us.

  1.  Copy of passport and visa (tourist or non-immigrant B)
  2.  Medical certificate from a general doctor. It is usually just the regular check – throat, lungs, blood test, stating that the volunteer is healthy.
  3. Criminal Record and Background Check report or in some countries, Police Statement.
  4. Letter of recommendation in English from a licensed professional-service person such as teacher, lawyer, chartered accountant, engineer or doctor, stating that the volunteer is of good character and suitable to be around young children.
  5. Copy of professional license of the person who wrote the letter of recommendation in No. 4.
  6. Travel Insurance that will cover the length of stay in Thailand.


  • No. 4 and 5 must be notarized by a notary public or certified by a government agency in your country and we need the notarized/certified copy and if it is not in English, please include an English translation certified by the authority in your country.
  • No. 2 and 3, we need the originals and if it is not in English, please include an English translation certified by the authority in your country.

Other helps
If you cannot help in monitoring the classrooms,  you can help in many other ways. You may help in IT area, creating teaching aids, writing articles for the website of Peace And Happiness Foundation, fundraising, etc. We just need to know where you are and what your expertise is.

Please contact us and give us as much information about you as possible.