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Why volunteer for Peace and Happiness Foundation?

There are many agencies and websites that offer volunteering all around the globe. We don’t charge any fees and with us you don’t have to pay anything to be able to volunteer. All we need is your will to work for the benefits of children’s education in Thailand.

Cost of living in Thailand is cheap and Thai people are very welcoming. You can find cheap accommodation, shared or private rooms, as you like it. You know already that Thai food is some of the world’s best.

We are currently looking for a volunteers for:

Lesson plan making
This position includes second grade primary school and onward for English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Health.

Teaching volunteer
You would be a link with our students. Your tasks would include helping students understand things better, giving additional explanations, evaluation, doing activities and worksheets with children. If you want, you can always do some community work and after school activities with children.

Creative Writer/Blogger
We are looking for a writer who would create comic books. Many researches have proven that comic books influence creativity and comprehensive abilities of youngsters and we would like to raise children’s love to reading through them. We have also activities for blogging and article writing.

Social Media
If you are or want to become a social media star, have in mind that we have a fantastic opportunity for you to boost your skills. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, our webpage, loads of interesting posts, editing and networking for you.

If you have good drawing skills and want to volunteer for us, please get in touch. We are looking for a person who would illustrate our comic books.

We are open for suggestions. If you have some skill that is not mentioned here and you would like to volunteer for us, please let us know.

Basic requirements:

– Must be a Native English speaker (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) – for volunteer teaching and lesson plan making
– Degree holder (Bachelor/Master)
– Relevant experience in teaching and making lesson plans for primary levels
– TEFL/TESOL Certificate or similar qualification

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