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Why volunteering? Why us? – Part 5

When you volunteer you give a little and gain a lot!

Not just it is good for the community, but volunteer work has proven to give you a good health feedback. You will also meet like-minded people. It is a also a great way to fill in the gaps in your CV.

What you will gain:

Experience the local life in Thailand
Meeting the Thais and expats
Celebrating many Thai holidays
Love from children

What will you contribute to:

Free English education for children who otherwise cannot afford it
Making difference in children’s lives and thus the community

What we offer:

Food and accommodation
No charges for joining the program

What we are looking for:

Volunteers to help us do the lesson plans for grade 1 onward,
creative writers,
someone who is interested in social media and
an illustrator for comic books.

Join us now!